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Lunch chez Bechler

Thursday May 28
1:00 PM. Pâtisserie Bechler, 1225 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove, CA (831) 375-0846. Hosted by Christian Dreyer. No reservations required.

Soirée Vidéo

Sunday March 15th
5:00 PM at Director Sandy Ford’s home.

Attendance is limited to 14; please make a reservation by contacting Sandy Ford directly. Bring a drink or snack to share.

Film: A bottle in the Gaza Sea (Une bouteille a la mer) – 2012 

Summary: 17-year-old Tal has emigrated from France to Jerusalem with her family. She writes a letter expressing her refusal to accept that only hatred can reign between Israelis and Palestinians. She slips the letter into a bottle, and her brother throws it into the sea near Gaza, where he is carrying out his military service. A few weeks later, Tal receives an e-mail response from a mysterious “Gazaman,” a young Palestinian named Nam. Thus begins a turbulent but tender long-distance friendship between two young people that are separated by a history they are trying both to understand and change. This engrossing and hopeful drama

Café Conversation

Tuesday May 12th
10:00 AM. At Sweet Elena’s Bakery and Café, 465 Olympia Ave – Sand City — off Del Monte Ave. Hosted by Christian Dreyer. Phone: 393-2063

Cercle du livre

Sunday, May 3 and May 17 at 4pm over Zoom

The Cercle du livre will be held over Zoom (download the application here: Participants will receive an email detailing how to access the meeting on the computer, ipad, or telephone.

Books: La Joie de vivre by Zola




Epiphany Celebration (Kings Day) and our Annual General Meeting

Sunday 5 January at 2pm
All are invited to attend the Epiphany Celebration (Kings Day) and the Annual General Meeting at St. Dunston’s Episcopal Church, 28005 Robinson Canyon Rd, Carmel.

The traditional champagne and galettes will be served and the new slate of Officers and Directors will be presented. Please mark your calendar and think about a dish you can bring to share, or gift for the tombola. More details will be in the January Bulletin.

Lunch chez Bechler

Thursday December 19th at 1:30pm
Pâtisserie Bechler, 1225 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove, CA (831) 375-0846
No reservations required. Hosted by Christian Dreyer.

Cercle du Livre

Sunday March 29 at 4pm
Chez Jocelyne Muson
Call to make reservations.
Livre: Émile Zola’s “La Joie de vivre”

Café Conversation

Tuesday December 10th at 10am
At Sweet Elena’s Bakery and Café, 465 Olympia Ave – Sand City – off Del Monte Ave.  Phone: 393-2063. Hosted by Christian Dreyer. No reservations needed.